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Are You A Seller?
At Trading Places we believe every seller & their property are unique. Settling on an asking price for your home will be one of the biggest decisions you make in this process. Invite a selection of local agents to come in & value your property, but don't just go with the agent that provides the highest valuation and/or the lowest fees. An over inflated asking price may really hinder the speed of your sale. A lower than average sales fee may mean you get a lower than average service.

Do your own research on the property portals and/or the Land Registry & find out what similar properties to yours have sold for in the area. At Trading Places we will always provide you with comparables.

Make sure we as an agent are aware of your situation. If you are just testing the water & aren't 100% committed to moving we need to know. Likewise if you can't move for 6 months, or if you need to move like, yesterday, tell us & we can help regulate the pace of your sale. Listen to your agent's advice. We do know the local market & fundamentally we have your best interests at heart.

Work with your agent & make them work for you!
We'd like you to tell us what made you fall in love with your property & what you enjoy about it now. We'll highlight this information when we start marketing your home to like minded buyers.

Preparing Your Home - There's no avoiding those little DIY jobs that have been waiting to be done for years when you are looking to sell. Take some time to look at those loose floorboards, finish those paint jobs etc theses details matter. If you can't do these jobs yourself, then Trading Places have an in house maintenance team who will happily provide you with a quote.

Once that's done, have a good clear out. Get rid of any clutter & thin out your personal items, like bulky ornaments, paperwork & the children's toys. This gives your buyers space to visualise them living in your house.

Before viewings begin, make sure your home is sparkling clean, especially the kitchen & bathroom. If you have pets get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Kerb appeal - a buyer will make a very important decision based on what they see in the first 30 seconds. If needed, paint your front door, polish your door furniture, sweep away any leaves, mow the lawn & make sure the garden looks neat & tidy not like a chore. Make advantage of areas that could be used for Al Fresco dining, children's play area etc. It's a tricky one, but it's usually best if you let one of The Trading Places Team carry out the viewings for you whilst you go out - buyers may feel more comfortable if you're not there. This allows them to have an open discussion about your house without fear of causing offence. They'll also be able to take their time imagining how your home could become their home. Do take feedback on board - if all the feedback from viewings points towards a particular issue - do something about it.

Under EU Law you are required to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your property. Trading Places can organise this for you & for a slight additional cost also floor plans can be created. We can't market your property without one, so we'd need to get this sorted as soon as possible.

Instruct a solicitor from the outset so that you are ready for action when a buyer is found, if you don't have a solicitor Trading Places will be happy to recommend one for you. If your property is Leasehold or shared freehold, make sure you have the papers ready to pass on to your solicitor. Once your Solicitor has been instructed & you have a proceed-able offer on your home The Trading Places Team will then send out Memorandum of Sale to all parties. We will liaise with your & your purchasers solicitors regularly, ensure the searches are applied for, mortgage offers are in place & valid, your buyers have instructed a survey on your property within a reasonable time frame. This is the vital part of any sale and/or purchase, & The Trading Places Team will work closely with you, your purchasers & solicitors. It is our aim to ensure you have a stress free sale.
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